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Go Glam Everyday with the Hollywood Laser Peel!

We are so excited about our newest treatment here at Laser Aesthetics Body and Wellness in Memphis! The Hollywood Laser Peel is a pain-free procedure that instantly creates a radiant, glowing appearance – with no downtime! It received its name due to its popularity among celebrities before photo shoots and red carpet events. Now, it’s being requested before weddings, proms, and many other special occasions… but this treatment is perfect for individuals seeking a more radiant everyday glow, too!

The laser energy works in two ways: it targets the melanin in the cells, breaking it up to be removed naturally. Then, the laser heats deep in the dermis causing the skin to contract and stimulate collagen. The Hollywood Laser Peel treatment is gentle enough to be performed regularly – up to once a month! With each treatment, you will notice your skin improving and because of the collagen stimulation, you maintain your youthful look. And, the entire procedure takes only about thirty minutes!

When you get a Hollywood Laser Peel from Laser Aesthetics Body & Wellness in Memphis, you can expect to see improved skin tone and texture. You’ll enjoy glowing, more youthful looking skin with a smoother, softer feel. Plus, you’ll have a reduction in fine lines. And for even more great benefits, you’ll experience no downtime! This treatment is safe for most skin tones and for patients who have had Botox or other fillers injected. It’s a completely safe, painless, and comfortable procedure!

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