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The Benefits of BioTE

The Benefits of BioTE

BioTE stands for Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy. They are hormone pellets that have several health benefits for aging adults! Plus, they are incredibly convenient. Unlike injectable hormone replacement that often requires weekly treatments, when you choose BioTE, you only need 3-4 treatments per year.

Having balanced hormones is necessary, and as we age, that delicate balance that our bodies once produced easily for us in our youth is not balanced so easily after 30. It’s common knowledge that balanced hormones are important for good health and disease prevention as we age. BioTE helps to enhance your hormone levels with hormone pellets that release all-natural, bio-identical estrogen for women or testosterone for men that is metabolized into the body as needed.

BioTE can help with the following common symptoms: difficulty sleeping or getting restful sleep, lack of energy, inability to lose weight regardless of diet or exercise, feeling moody, anxious, or depressed, reduced mental focus, and reduced sexual desire or performance. If you are over 30 and experiencing any of these symptoms, BioTE might be right for you!

Patients that take advantage of BioTE hormone therapy at Laser Aesthetics Body and Wellness enjoy benefits like increased energy, a greater ability to lose weight, increased mental clarity, are generally happier, and enjoy an improved quality of life. If you believe you are a candidate for Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy, give Laser Aesthetics Body and Wellness a call today! We’d love to help walk you through the next steps towards feeling like yourself again!

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