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Putting the Spotlight on LimeLight


What is LimeLight treatment from Laser Body and Wellness and who can benefit from it? LimeLight is a cosmetic skin treatment that can create a clearer, more even complexion. This non-invasive laser treatment uses programmable wavelength settings; this enables your practitioner to modify your treatment to your individual needs.

LimeLight delivers a series of laser light pulses. These pulses heat the skin and creates a therapeutic affect. The result from this treatment is clearer, more even skin tone and complexion. LimeLight cosmetic treatment can be performed on the face, neck, chest, hands, and other parts of your body, based on your needs that will be determined at your consultation with your practitioner.

LimeLight is intended for patients who suffer from a variety of skin problems. For example, this treatment can help fade sunspots and freckles, and age spots on the hands and arms. It can also help with skin discoloration by evening out your complexion. Some LimeLight patients also suffer from rosacea, or chronic redness around the face, neck, and chest area. These patients see a dramatic decline in redness after LimeLight treatments!

Other candidates for LimeLight include patients with visible facial veins and broken capillaries. These visible veins can develop as a side affect from rosacea, aging, or high blood pressure. LimeLight can reduce the visibility of these bluish or red veins. Lastly, LimeLight treatment can help individuals who suffer from acne scarring; long after acne has healed, your complexion may have been damaged. We can help!

With LimeLight treatment, the staff at Laser Aesthetics Body and Wellness are pleased to give our patients confidence and assurance that they are putting their best face forward everyday. Call us to set up your consultation at 901-388-8887 or visit us online at!


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