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LAB&W Medical Spa

Whether you are thinking about getting a medical grade facial or a cosmetic procedure, you can expect outstanding service at Laser Aesthetics Body and Wellness. The perfect word for us would be a Medical Spa. LAB&W offers both medical and relaxing treatments aimed at improving the overall health of one’s body. Medicine and comfort go hand in hand in providing the healthiest of lifestyles. A laser treatment, for example, will attack the harmful impurities on the patient’s skin while a soothing facial like HydraFacial will leave the patient skin glowing. What then should one expect from a visit to LAB&W? A simple and easy three step process is the answer to that question. Like any medical clinic, we provide a consultation to adress any questions about the patient’s intended procedure. Next, the patient will receive the actual treatment. Depending on the procedure, the consultation and treatment may be done on the same visit. Finally, the patient will have a follow up appointment to analyze the progress and results. Where can Laser Aesthetics Body and Wellness be found? Visit us at 9755 Hwy 64 in Arlington, TN, or call us at 901-388-8887. Our highly qualified providers can’t wait to see you !