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Feeling Stuffed? We Can Help!

We all look forward to celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday with friends, family, and of course… food! We plan, we cook, and we eat – and many times, we eat more than we probably should. This can leave us feeling sluggish and bloated. Not to mention, the unwanted weight gain that comes with overeating during the holidays can be hard to shed.

Fortunately, Laser Aesthetics Body and Wellness in Memphis offers a medically supervised low calorie diet and weight loss plan with prescription HCG! HCG is the hormone that is produced during pregnancy to stimulate the body to burn extra fat cells for energy. The HCG hormone opens fat cell membranes and allows the body to release unwanted fat. Only a very small amount of HCG is used in the diet plan, compared to the massive amounts released during pregnancy.

The HCG hormone helps maintain the strict regimen of a very low calorie diet without feeling weak and hungry. Meanwhile, your body learns to reset your metabolism and adjust to a normal weight, allowing you to keep the weight off while eating healthy foods after you complete the HCG Diet. The HCG Diet has been used safely by thousands of men and women for rapid weight loss.

Our HCG weight loss plan at Laser Aesthetics Body & Wellness is the perfect way to reset after the holidays! Get a jump start on those New Year resolutions now and feel great in 2018 with our diet plans today. Call for your free consultation: 901-388-8887