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VI Peel

Hands down one of the best services you can do to get a fresh start with your skin would have to be a VI peel. Not only is this going to give you a brand new beautiful layer to your skin, it is going to inter-cellularly change your skin for the better! The best thing about this particular line of peels is that they have a specific one designed for whatever skin issue you are battling. Whether your suffering from fine lines and wrinkles, acne or even pigment they have a peel for you! By having specifically designed peels for all different skin types this allows us as Aestheticians to really get you on a regimen that is specific to you and your skin type. After just one of these peels you will see a dramatic difference in your skin inside and out! 

Laser Genesis

We recommend this treatment for many different skin conditions. From treating fine lines and loss of elasticity to large pores and acne this is an effective, no downtime laser treatment. The long-pulsed 1064 wavelength targets blood beneath the skin’s surface, heating the skin from the inside layer outward. The heat stimulates collagen formation, giving the skin it’s youthful appearance back. It reduces acne by killing the P. Acne bacteria reducing the size of acne cysts and aids in quicker healing time. We recommend a series of 6 treatments performed 2 weeks apart for best results.

Holiday Bliss

The holidays are fast approaching, and this is the high season for aesthetic treatments. After all, who doesn’t want to look their best at all of those holiday parties? In the spirit of the season, we asked our staff what treatments and products they’re most grateful for and why. Here’s what they had to say.

Martina-I have two Favorite treatments- Botox and Juvederm Filler
BOTOX is an injectable treatment that works to reduce and eliminate the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It’s a form of botulinum toxin A. Sounds scary, but it’s actually very safe. It’s a purified protein that works to disrupt signals from nerves to muscles in your face. This prevents the muscles from contracting. Because of this, your skin smooths out, and the wrinkles disappear. I love BOTOX because it keeps me looking young. The results are completely natural, and it provides instant gratification. It typically takes only a few days to notice results.
Juvederm™ is a hyaluronic acid gel which is injected into facial tissues to add volume and smooth away fine lines, wrinkles, and folds. Juvederm™ can also be used for general facial contouring and lip enhancement. It restores a smoother, more youthful appearance to the face and its smooth consistency creates a very natural look and feel. Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a natural component of our skin, thus Juvederm™ is very safe. Come and see me for your free consultation and allow me to create a plan for you.

Tabitha-My favorite treatment is a Hydrafacial with Laser Genesis. I love Hydrafacial because it instantly changes the look and feel of your skin. It takes a dull complexion with clogged pores, to a radiant, hydrated complexion with clean pores and less breakouts. Treating the skin with Laser Genesis after the Hydrafacial allows the Laser Genesis to penetrate more effectively. The Laser Genesis heats up the layers of the skin from the inside outward, to plump up the collagen and elasticity, decreasing the look of fine lines and wrinkles. It’s a treatment that not only changes your skin with just one session, but is very relaxing as well. It’s a two hour escape from the world! It brings so much joy to my heart to see my patients leave here feeling better about their appearance and also able to let go of the stress that overloads the mind. Our Heavenly Father tells us to come away and find rest in him. We can’t find rest in him if our minds are overloaded. I would love for you to find some time to come to Laser Aesthetics and give me the honor to treat your skin and allow the Holy Spirit to quiet your mind. I look forward to seeing you soon!

Sydney-My favorite treatment we offer here at Laser Aesthetics would have to be Micro-needling. Patients that have this procedure done absolutely love it. It is great for resurfacing the skin, helping to diminish fine lines and wrinkles, shrinking pore size, tightening loose skin, breaking up pigment underneath the skin and getting rid of acne scarring and stretch marks! The treatment itself creates controlled damage to the skin (tiny micro-channels created by the needles) that stimulate a healing response. In return this boosts the production of collagen and other healing factors within the skin. One of my personal favorites about this treatment would have to be the fact that it pairs so wonderfully with other treatments as well to help enhance results! You can pair it with a chemical peel or a Hydrafacial (separating treatments between two week intervals) and really get to where you want to be even quicker!

Hyperpigmentation 101

It strikes without warning. The once even, beautiful skin on your face now has an unfamiliar dull shadow. At first you think it must be the lighting or perhaps dirt on your face, and then it hits you… these are permanent spots known as hyperpigmentation to professionals. Hyperpigmentation is the 2ndlargest skin concern for women and men in the US and one that affects over 30 million people worldwide.

What Is Hyperpigmentation?

Hyperpigmentation is a common, usually harmless condition in which patches of skin become darker in color than the normal surrounding skin. This darkening occurs when an excess of melanin, the brown pigment that produces normal skin color, forms deposits.

Unfortunately, there is currently no cure for this condition, although there are several treatments and products that can help contain the problem by minimizing the appearance of pigmentation. 

In-office Treatment Options

There are several in-office options available to treat pigmentation:

PhotoFacial: the most popular treatment for pigmentation. How it works is a beam of light brings spots to the surface and causes them to gently slough off. It’s a great option, but be prepared to have redness, maybe minor swelling and a darkening of the pigmentation a few days after the treatment.

VI Peel : A peel uses acids to cause your skin to turn over and peel off the top layers of skin containing pigmentation (imagine a snake losing it’s skin) Depending on the peel, you may peel up to 3-5 days along with redness.

ZO Hyperpigmentation Products . 

Please give us a call at 901-388-8887 to schedule a free consultation with our medical aestheticians to discuss which option is best for you .

Is the Sunscreen in my makeup enough protection?

We all know by now that we should be using sunscreen every day. If your typical day involves wearing makeup, you may dismiss SPF as an extra and unnecessary step. After all, your face is at least sort of protected by your layer of foundation, right? And you’re totally covered if your foundation has SPF in it—right? Many of us have likely asked ourselves the same questions and even shied away from using sunscreen in fear it will mess up our makeup or break us out, but no more. Makeup with SPFprovides some protection, says Tabitha Nelson a board-certified medical aesthetician at Laser Aesthetics Body and Wellness, but she recommends not depending on your foundation as your primary source of UV protection. She states, “In order to achieve the sunscreen SPF on the makeup label, you would need to use seven times the thickness you would normally use if using liquid foundation, and 14 times the amount if using a powder foundation.” Probably not the look you’re going for. To find a sunscreen that works best with your makeup, look for one that’s labeled “for face” and described as “non-comedogenic” to reduce your risk of acne breakouts. Another decision is the type of active ingredient in the sunscreen. These fall into two categories, chemical and physical. Chemical sunscreens’ active ingredients, such as avobenzone, octisalate, and oxybenzone, absorb into the skin and convert the sun’s UVA or UVB rays—different ingredients work for each—into heat, which is then released into the air. Physical sunscreens, containing zinc oxide and/or titanium dioxide, sit on top of the skin and create a film that physically deflects the rays from penetrating the skin’s surface. When applying anything to your skin, the golden rule is to layer products from thinnest to thickest so that they are all able to effectively penetrate into the skin. Our aestheticians at LABW suggests washing and patting the face dry, applying any recommended skin care treatments, then sunscreen. We do recommend Image sunscreen and foundation to all patients at our clinic.  Once your skin is prepped with these steps, go about your makeup routine as normal. For any questions or a free consultation, please give us a call at 901-388-8887.


“Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own.” – 1 Corinthians 6:19 

I started us off with a Bible verse to show that our bodies are not to be tampered with. 

Hard work is commendable and worth many blessings in God’s economy, but the rest part is 

essential. God himself rested on the 7th Day after creating. God commands us to take care of our 

bodies. What does relaxation do to the body? Getting the proper amount of sleep helps in a 

multitude of areas. Sleep is a period where torn down muscle tissue is repaired, energy is 

restored, and growth hormones are released. Sleep is an activity that should be taken 

very seriously. Getting at least eight hours of sleep can give the body enough fuel to get 

through the day. Anything less than eight hours of sleep and the body will be in damaged 

state for most of the day. Grogginess along with difficulty concentrating will plague the 

restless for a majority of the day. Rest is also extremely important to mental health. A 

mellow rest can improve the mood of a person almost instantly. Stress and anxiety can be 

combated with a 30 minute nap or a simple breathing exercise. Refusal to rest over a 

long period of time will eventually stack against you in the worst ways possible. Those 

stress levels will keep on rising and that anxiety will only get worse and worse. If worst 

comes to worst, a lack of rest could result in severe headaches or depression. I don’t 

mean to scare those reading this. My goal is to warn and give people a better outlook on 

how to improve their health. So on this National Relaxing Day, get a cool bottle of water 

(or room temp if that’s your mojo) and take your mind off of all the struggles at hand. Think one word:relax.


Botox Cosmetic manufactured by Allergan is a simple, FDA -Approved, nonsurgical, treatment that can temporarily smooth moderate to severe frown wrinkle lines. But what happens to Botox in approximately 120 days? Simple answer : Botox wears off . Our office insists on baseline pictures and follow up appointments at 2 weeks and 3 months. If patients continue with treatments on regular basis, most often the skin remodels itself and those wrinkles of motion are even better than their baseline pictures.

Allergan Announcement

Allergan announced its intent to combine with AbbVie to create the 4th largest global pharmaceutical company in the world. AbbVie is a highly focused research-driven biopharmaceutical company that takes on the toughest health challenges. They do more than treat diseases—they aim to make a remarkable impact on people’s lives. 

Brad McRae, Ph.D., director of pharmacology, immunology discovery at AbbVie, is spending a lot of time looking at that environment of bacteria in stomach.

In a healthier gut, the bacteria metabolize dietary fiber to short chain fatty acids. Those fatty acids then communicate with epithelial cells and the immune system in your gut. In people with obesity, microbial diversity in the gut is reduced, leading to an imbalance called dysbiosis. The reduction in diversity in the gut microbiome negatively impacts immune regulation, as well as the function of the thin tissue that covers internal organs which can allow for more disease-causing bacteria to overgrow. “By looking at the microbiome of patients who are overweight, who then become obese could give us a better understanding of the role of the microbiome in this process,” McRae says. Identifying the change in gut physiology could be a game-changer towards health and wellness. We here at Laser Aesthetics Body and Wellness are committed to seek the best research for our patients. Please give us a call at 901-388-8887 for a free consultation. 

LAB&W Medical Spa

Whether you are thinking about getting a medical grade facial or a cosmetic procedure, you can expect outstanding service at Laser Aesthetics Body and Wellness. The perfect word for us would be a Medical Spa. LAB&W offers both medical and relaxing treatments aimed at improving the overall health of one’s body. Medicine and comfort go hand in hand in providing the healthiest of lifestyles. A laser treatment, for example, will attack the harmful impurities on the patient’s skin while a soothing facial like HydraFacial will leave the patient skin glowing. What then should one expect from a visit to LAB&W? A simple and easy three step process is the answer to that question. Like any medical clinic, we provide a consultation to adress any questions about the patient’s intended procedure. Next, the patient will receive the actual treatment. Depending on the procedure, the consultation and treatment may be done on the same visit. Finally, the patient will have a follow up appointment to analyze the progress and results. Where can Laser Aesthetics Body and Wellness be found? Visit us at 9755 Hwy 64 in Arlington, TN, or call us at 901-388-8887. Our highly qualified providers can’t wait to see you !

Skin care for Summer

Having a dedicated skincare routine is essential, but did you know you should be switching things up a little in the summer?

Many people stick to their regiment year-round, but as we are inching closer and closer to summer read on for some important tips and treatments that should be on your radar in the coming months.

Whether you’re dealing with extra oil, shine, or the occasional sunburn, we have some expert ideas for you.

Double Cleanse

If you keep up with the latest trends or follow beauty bloggers and influencers you may know this one, but it’s just a generally good tip to have in your beauty regimen arsenal.

Double cleansing is a good practice, but especially in summer when excess sweat, dirt, and grime can cling to our face and clog our pores. Wash your face once to remove the surface layer of dirt and then cleanse again to get a deeper clean.

Take Care of Sunburns

It’s okay—we’ve all been there, you left your house without sunscreen or didn’t reapply as often. While preventing sunburn is ideal, we know things happen.

If you do suffer a sunburn, even a minor one, be sure to treat it right away! Keep aloe at home or pick up some chamomile oil or calendula, all three are great for anti-inflammation and will soothe your skin

Prevent Wrinkles

Squinting all summer long will have consequences for your skin, take things into your own hands, and try our injectables like Botox and Fillers! You can say goodbye to wrinkles with minimal downtime and without  avoiding the sun!

 Establish a Routine

Are you completely lost on how to start a proper summer skincare routine?

Schedule a consultation with one of our skincare experts to go through your history and goals, and we’ll set you up with the right products.

Please give us a call 901-388-8887.