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Botox in your 30s? It could benefit you!

How old is old enough to begin Botox treatments? It could be as young as 30 years old! We know, we know… those of us with more wrinkles than we can count are rolling our eyes at the thought of early 30-somethings needing Botox. However, the newest trend circulating medical spas is the use of Botox as a preventative treatment.

Frown lines, crow’s feet, and expression wrinkles occur – and deepen! – due to the repetitive use of the folding of the skin. Many people have realized that injecting at a younger age, you can keep them from happening in the first place instead of constantly trying to fix them after they have developed.

So, if your goal is prevention, when is the right time to begin treatment? We recommend beginning preventative Botox when you begin to notice or become bothered by forehead and frown lines. You’re an ideal prevention patient once you start noticing fine lines so you can prevent them from turning into large, bothersome folds.

While Botox is FDA approved for patients 18 and older, most preventative patients begin using Botox at age 30. This varies depending on the severity of the lines in the skin; some patients can benefit as early as 25 if the skin has been exposed to excessive sun or tanning beds which can make those faint lines worsen easily! The odds are low that patients younger than 25 have built up enough fine lines to have anything to worry about.

Thinking about giving preventative Botox a try? Give Laser Aesthetics Body and Wellness a call today at 901-388-8887 and take the first step towards smooth, wrinkle-free skin!


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