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Bio identical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Laser Aesthetics Body and Wellness is proud to be a certified BioTE® Medical provider of bio identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT). We are committed to educating our patients about the benefits of BHRT and how hormone therapy, using the BioTE® method, is the ultimate foundation for good health. Our BioTE® certification means we are dedicated to providing the best hormone therapy available for men and women who want to age healthier and improve the quality of their lives. Using tiny subcutaneous cardio-activated bioidential pellets inserted just below the surface of the skin, the BioTE® method mimics how hormones are naturally released into the body. This allows a patient’s hormones to remain at optimized levels more consistently than creams, gels, and injections without the side effects that can accompany synthetic options. Fortunately, replacing the hormones your body no longer makes naturally with BHRT is an effective way to treat the uncomfortable menopausal symptoms in women. Some of the commonly reported signs and symptoms of female hormonal imbalance include: Hot Flashes, weight gain, decreased libido, fatigue, depression, mood swings, irritability, migraines, memory loss, insomnia. Men experience a steady decline in testosterone starting in their 30’s. The symptoms, often ignored, as fatigue, abdominal weight gain, lethargy, depression, decrease in muscle mass, decreased libido and erectile dysfunction. To learn more, contact our office at 901-388-8887 or visit Martina’s page at