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Vi Peel

Containing a synergistic blend of powerful ingredients, the Vi Peel is suitable for all skin types. This peel provides dramatic results with no skin preparation, little down time and virtually no pain. Why wait weeks or months for results? Enjoy radiant, younger looking skin in about a week with the VI PEEL. Vitality Institute Medical Products. Beautiful skin for a lifetime.

The VI Peel will improve the texture, tone and clarity of the skin; reduce or eliminate freckles, age spots and hyper-pigmentation, including melasma; soften lines and wrinkles; clear acne skin conditions; reduce or eliminate acne scars; and stimulate the production of collagen, for firmer, more youthful skin. Vi Peel also works well in conjunction with lasers, injectables and post procedure.

Lightening Lift Peel: 45 minutes

Highly effective facial treatments blending lactic and kojic acids with a cocktail of lightening agents to reduce pigmentation and the redness caused by Rosacea.

Wrinkle Lift Peel: 45 minutes

This ultra-resurfacing blend of Glycolic and Retinol visibly reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, leaving the skin firm and revitalized.

Hollywood Laser Peel

The Hollywood Laser Peel is also known as the Spectra Peel. During the peel, specialized laser energy is applied to the skin. This reduces visible skin pigmentation. It also improves skin tone and much more. Not only does the Hollywood Laser Peel improve uneven pigment, but the reduction of textural irregularities and fine lines can also take place during the peel.

The laser energy works in two ways. First the dermis is deeply heated casing the skin to contract and stimulate collagen. Second, it targets pigmentation (melanin) in the cells. This breaks it up for the body to naturally remove it. This peel is very gentle and multiple passes are required for the perfect results.