Residents in Memphis TN can now turn back the aging clock with revolutionary LazerLift procedure.

Dr. Brett Campfield is excited to be the first in West TN to offer this revolutionary, minimally invasive procedure, Precision TX™ Lift. Turning back the clock traditionally involved a long, invasive procedure, requiring extended downtime, bruises, and swelling. Now, thanks to precise laser facelift technology, patients can enjoy a minimally-invasive solution to aging: Precision TX™ Lift! This revolutionary procedure tightens and lifts the lower face, smooths wrinkles, and will restore the youthful curve to the neck. Reverse the signs of aging with Precision TX™ Lift, the no scalpel, no stitches, and no scars solution to looking younger without the risks, costs, or recovery of the traditional facelift. ScreenHunter_1347 Mar. 26 15.45

As Seen on The Doctors


  • PrecisionTx™ LazerLift is a minimally invasive laser procedure, lifting and contouring the neck and lower face.
  • It uses the new SideLaze 800™ (Nd:YAG 1440 nm laser) technology developed by Cynosure Inc. and approved by the FDA early in 2012.
  • PrecisionTx™ LazerLift offers significant, visible results for those wishing to avoid a traditional surgical lift. The procedure involves minimal downtime, without general anesthesia and without the pain and recovery associated with incisions and sutures.
  • The results are natural and pleasing: a new, younger looking you!
  • The PrecisionTx™ LazerLift is a one-time treatment and provides lasting results.

It Can Help With:

  • Lifting the neck and lower face
  • Tighten sagging skin and underlying muscle
  • Contour and restore youthful curves in the neck
  • Improve jaw line definition
  • Remove neck fat and improve bulges below the chin


The PrecisionTx™ LazerLift uses a sophisticated, highly advanced SideLaze 800™ Nd:YAG 1440-nm laser to provide tightening by precisely and safely heating the under surface of the skin and the muscles immediately underlying the skin. The laser energy promotes tightening by collagen contraction, formation of new collagen and improved skin elasticity, resulting in structural lifting of the neck and lower face. If required, the laser energy will emulsify fat below the skin, facilitating contouring of the neck and sharpening definition of the jaw line. In some cases, a small liposuction cannula is used for removal of excess fat in the neck.


The 60 to 90 minute office-based treatment requires numbing with local anesthesia and mild or moderate sedation. The thin 2mm laser fiber is introduced through five micro entry ports, hidden below the chin, earlobes and lower edge of the sideburn. There is no cutting, no stitches and minimal downtime. Patients can return to work and normal activity within a few days. Bruising and swelling are usually easily covered. The PrecisionTx’s unique ThermaGuide™ system provides patients with additional safety. The ThermaGuide™ gives in-tissue temperature feedback during the treatment, in order to avoid the risk of over heating tissue. If the ThermaGuide™ senses temperatures that are too high, the device will stop the laser pulses until the tissue cools. Results continue to improve for several months following the procedure. Additional collagen builds in the deep layers of the skin for up to a year. PrecisionTx™ is a one-time treatment and provides lasting tightening, lifting and contouring.

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